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Radon Testing

      One of the more commonly asked for testing procedures to be performed by EEI is radon testing. Home owners and potential home owners are becoming increasingly aware of the potential risk of chronic radon exposure. The key to radon testing is to collect the samples properly and accurately.

      At EEI, the sampling media we use is coconut charcoal based and placed in a moisture protective housing. Excessive moisture adsorption can interfere with radon analysis. The sampling media is also located in a shielding device which lengthens the radon collection and integration period without lowering the final result. This reduces the chance of missing a brief period of elevated radon levels while slowing the desorption rate to provide a more balanced result. Samples are left suspended for a period of approximately three days to provide a more accurate average concentration than obtained by your typical 12 to 24 hour home owner inspection sampling method.

      For analysis of radon samples, EEI utilizes one of the few laboratories that have passed the Environmental Protection Agency's Radon Measurement Proficiency program. The analysis procedures used by this laboratory allows for quick and accurate data. The radon data is then incorporated into EEI's report which is given to our clients upon project completion. This report includes an introduction which provides the background, and scope of work for the project. The next portion of the report provides an executive summary of the data collected along with a more detailed description of the results. Conclusions and recommendations based upon the data are also provided. The report also contains a complete description on how the data was collected, including a summary of the sampling and analytical techniques utilized. The final section delineates the quality assurance and quality control measures implemented to ensure accurate data. Finally, the report will include an Appendix containing support documentation for the project.

      Whether your need is testing, disinfection or remedial services, EEI has the qualified staff on hand. No matter what time of day, EEI's full-time personnel are available. All of our field workers are OSHA certified, state licensed, and insured. With over 100 years of cumulative experience in the construction and consulting business, EEI's employees are adept at handling our client's needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. This commitment to our client's satisfaction is why many of our projects are with previously satisfied customers.

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