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Duct Cleaning
Cleaning the air you breath, without disrupting the work you do.

  • Complete Cleaning and Disinfection of Ducts and Air Handlers
  • Pre- and Post-Inspections
  • Cross-Trained Decontamination Specialists

      Because the duct cleaning industry is unregulated, you depend on the integrity of your environmental services provider to perform a thorough, conscientious job. EEI doesn't expect you to take a leap of faith. In addition to our comprehensive inspections and cleaning processes, we deliver project-end documentation that assures you of quality.

      EEI's duct cleaning specialists first assess your environment and recommend a plan of attack. Establishing a flexible Phasing Schedule, we work with you to determine which portions of the air delivery system can be shut down at various steps in the procedure, with minimal disturbance to your organization.

      Often the most severe duct problems are in the most difficult areas to access. Operated by highly trained specialists, our fiber-optic equipment allows us to see within ductwork, around corners, behind walls, and into other concealed areas.

      Cleaning steps often involve multiple techniques, including manual and automated brushing, air whipping, and compressed air to agitate and lift particulates. A high-powered High-Efficiency Particulate Air filtered collection system (HEPA) then removes the particulates, in concert with other steps that prevent the spread of contaminants.

      Unlike typical duct cleaning firms, EEI is committed to the full spectrum of environmental services. We're attuned to all of your concerns and to a long-term relationship. As part of EEl's standard duct cleaning service, our in-house experts, HVAC specialists, and inspectors check for possible molds, mildews, and VOCs; and the cleaning process may also include thorough disinfection of the air delivery system. On project completion, you're thoroughly informed. Our documentation identifies the location of new access registers we've installed for future convenience, as well as recommended future cleanings and inspections.

Duct Cleaning
"Today, the #1OA oven fans were turned on and I want to tell you what an incredible job the contractor did... it was noticeable how clean the area was left after the job was done... IMPRESSIVE!"

Bob Garrett
Senior Technical Specialist

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